Tourist Destinations in New Orleans

If you are planning to tour New Orleans there are plenty of things that you can do there. You can do NOLA plantation tours and visit attractions in New Orleans as well. They have specialty boutiques and numerous shops that you can buy from and there are quite a few really unique novelty items that you can see in the French Quarter. New Orleans have interesting fine art fairs, fantastic outdoor farmer's markets, and street vending of assorted local products that can be a great bonding activity for the whole family. The plantation tours are highly recommended.


The best time to visit New Orleans is during weekends. This is when the French Quarter comes alive with the local art shows. Here artists exhibit their works outside so you will really be a witness to their amazing art skills. If you are short of budget, then there are cheaper ways to enjoy New Orleans. You can visit places with free live music, watch mimes perform in the plaza, as well as view street performers that can be found entertaining tourists in the square. Music is an integral part of the New Orleans' history and most clubs in the area have been existent since the 19th century. Visiting these places must be a part of your things to do list if you want to get to the soul of New Orleans. There are authentic food stalls in areas like the French Quarter and assorted shopping districts. They all sell traditional Creole and Cajun cuisine. These vendors have live jazz bands that are playing wonderful free music. You can ride a streetcar to the French Quarter and so with the most of the best shopping destinations in the city.


The infamous Mississippi River is an integral part of the New Orleans history. Its diverse cultural traditions have been alive up to this day. You can take a sightseeing tour along the Mississippi river while sailing on authentic paddlewheel steamboats. Some of the cruises on the river go as far as LaPlace. This is where visitors can go to a New Orleans plantation tour of beautiful and breathtaking antebellum mansions in the area.


You can also take one of the romantic sunset river cruises. They have many riverboats offering dinner, live jazz music, and dancing courses, that usually goes on until the wee hours of the morning. The Port of New Orleans is an important departure point for ocean cruise ships that visit ports off the Gulf Coast, Mexico, as well as the Caribbean islands.


A costly thing to do in New Orleans is to visit their casinos if you are a gambling aficionado. There are few casinos in the region that you can throw your money into. There are casinos on Lake Pontchartrain like the Treasure Chest Casino. The casino is a paddlewheel steamboat that is located right outside of New Orleans about north of the airport. There are a few bigger casinos by the Mississippi around the Aquarium of the Americas. These casinos are high-rise buildings which resemble the casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada.